Preventing OrthodonticsMost parents today are well informed when it comes to stopping adverse habits that effects tooth and jaw development in infants and toddlers. Prolonged thumb sucking, pacifiers, and use of bottles past the age of three are reported to cause problems with teeth and impact early jaw development.

However, did you know that poor bites and abnormal jaw growth is mostly hereditary and not caused by habits? Even if you stop bad habits before the age of three or breast feed your child, it is likely they still may develop a malocclusion requiring orthodontic treatment.Read more on Preventing Braces in North Royalton OH – Fact or Fiction…

A healthy perfect smile is why many children and adults choose to undergo orthodontic treatment. Around friends and family, a less than attractive smile is not as noticeable. However, when meeting new people, making new friends, and in the workplace, your smile is more obvious to those who don’t know you.

When speaking one on one with others, a beautiful smile improves your appearance and increases confidence to better influence personal relationships. Undergoing orthodontic treatment is one of the best decisions you will make for yourself and family.

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Is it what can I eat? How do I brush?

No… When do I get my braces off?

When Do I get my braces off While most patients are always eager to start treatment, they are even more eager to get them off. Even though each patient is given an estimated treatment time wearing braces when they start, patients always hope we can wave our magic wands and complete the process sooner.

It makes sense that a patient may assume they are ahead of schedule when their teeth look straight in a mirror. Unfortunately, orthodontics isn’t just about straight teeth. The ultimate goal of good orthodontic treatment result is a beautiful smile as well as a healthy bite that lasts a lifetime.Read more on What is the most Common Question Asked During Orthodontic Treatment?…

Papandreas Orthodontics 2014 NCAA “Bracket”ology

Papandreas Orthodontics

2014 NCAA “Bracket”ology

1. Everyone plays and there is no entry fee! Give your email to Jean at the front desk or send it to along with your name and the subject line ‘2014 NCAA’.

2. We’ll send you a link to our tournament website as soon as it goes live (7-10 days before the games begin), a complete set of contest rules, and a login password.

3. Pick and enter the best March Madness bracket asap before the 1st game begins.

4.Track your progress online and win, hopefully!